Above Sea Coral Calcium

Above-sea coral was a thriving reef hundreds of years ago and was geologically pushed up above sea level.  Above Sea Coral Calcium is free from the ocean pollution caused by the Industrial Revolution. Through our supply chain, Coral Nutraceuticals only supplies, pristine white fossilized coral heads which are protected beneath a layer of soil. After the pristine coral rocks are collected, they are taken to a cGMP-certified grinding facility where they undergo a three-stage grinding process before purification.

Above-sea coral minerals are EcoSafe and do not contain pollutants such as heavy metals, chemicals, fertilizers, etc. found in the planet’s now-contaminated oceans.

Benefits of Above Sea Coral Calcium

  • Supports Bone Health
  • 74 trace minerals that replenish the natural mineral balance.
  • Ionic Calcium with Vitamin D3 that is easily absorbed.
  • Alkaline pH of Calcium helps manage Heart Burn.
  • Can be formulated as Mouth melt granules, chewable tablets, gummy bear, capsule etc.

What is Coral Calcium?
  • Coral Calcium is a salt of Calcium derived from fossilized Coral Reefs
  • Obtained from Coral Reefs of Okinawa Island, Japan and other floating corals around the world.


Structure of Coral Calcium


What are Coral Minerals?
  • A small sea animal creates coral by ingesting the ionic ocean minerals and secreting them into a coral formation.
  • This natural balance of 73 organic coral minerals are harvested from above sea coral deposits, crushed into an ultra-fine powder and sterilized with ozone.
  • The mineral wheel diagram shows how some of the minerals are related and need each other. Imagine the complexity of the diagram if all 73 of the coral minerals were shown.
Composition of Coral Calcium
  • Contains Structurally different Calcium Carbonate
  • Also contains various trace minerals like Magnesium, Boron, Copper, Zinc and Manganese (more than 73 trace minerals)
  • Aragonite crystalline structure (x-ray Diffraction)
  • Mostly no odor in the raw material
  • No specific taste
  • Marine Coral is different from fossilized coral raw material
  • No known toxic materials may be found, will provide certificate of analysis of the raw material
Trace Minerals and Mineral Wheel


Coral Mineral Wheel


Ionic Benefits
  • Coral minerals possess the natural ability to go ionic upon contact with moisture.
  • When coral powder is placed in solution the minerals go into an ionic state.
  • Ionic means that these elements gain or loose electrons producing a positive or negative charge.
  • This change in charge increases the attraction between the minerals and the oppositely charged receptorsionic
Organic Benefits

Coral minerals are organic in the sense that they have been previously digested by an animal. It is very difficult for the human body to digest inorganic minerals (similar to eating little rocks). Having been previously digested by the coral polyp, coral minerals are readily absorbable by the human body.


Synergestic Benefits of Coral Minerals

Coral is naturally synergistic with the human body. This is evidenced by the medical practice of using pieces of coral in bone graphs. Orthopedic surgeons use coral in bone graphs because the body readily accepts the coral and the various muscles and tendons grow into the coral structure as if it were actual human bone.


Other Benefits of Coral Calcium
  • Up to 40% elemental calcium
  • High Bioavailability
  • Unique Structure
  • Ionic in nature and higher absorption
  • 74 Trace Minerals
  • Alkaline pH, also an Antacid
  • Excellent source of calcium for post menopausal women
  • Eco-Friendly source of Calcium
  • Used in Bone Grafting
How is Fossilized Coral Calcium manufactured
  • Harvested by above-ground limestone deposits that were previously part of coral reefs.
  • Soil is scraped from excavated coral
  • Coral calcium runs horizontally as lines between other minerals
  • White coral material is separated carefully from other materials
  • Carefully grinded in a 3 stage process

Available as follows:

  • Bulk powder
  • Soluble Flavored Powder: Dissolves in Mouth
  • Tablets
  • Capsules
  • Liquid
Regulatory Status
  • Allowed to be sold as a supplement in the US and Europe
  • Currently sold as a supplement to treat Calcium deficiency, Osteoporosis and other related indications
  • Multiple brands available in the US market sold by various big name companies