Above Sea Coral Calcium

Above-sea coral was a thriving reef hundreds of years ago and was geologically pushed up above sea level.  Above Sea Coral Calcium is free from the ocean pollution caused by the Industrial Revolution. Through our supply chain, Coral Nutraceuticals only supplies, pristine white fossilized coral heads which are protected beneath a layer of soil. After the pristine coral rocks are collected, they are taken to a cGMP-certified grinding facility where they undergo a three-stage grinding process before purification.

Above-sea coral minerals are EcoSafe and do not contain pollutants such as heavy metals, chemicals, fertilizers, etc. found in the planet’s now-contaminated oceans.

Benefits of Above Sea Coral Calcium

  • Supports Bone Health
  • 74 trace minerals that replenish the natural mineral balance.
  • Ionic Calcium with Vitamin D3 that is easily absorbed.
  • Alkaline pH of Calcium helps manage Heart Burn.
  • Can be formulated as Mouth melt granules, chewable tablets, gummy bear, capsule etc.