Smartcap Probiotics

Bellybiotic is a liquid probiotic used to provide digestive support and help maintain the balance of the intestinal flora that has undergone alterations during treatment with antibiotics or other anti-infective agents, contributing to correct the subsequent dysvitaminosis (that is, disorders in the production and the assimilation of vitamins).bellybiotic-final-bottle-only

The ingredients contained in Bellybiotic have also been used in babies to help manage acute and chronic gastrointestinal disorders, whether they are caused by alterations in the intestinal flora with imbalance in the production and assimilation of vitamins. The intestinal flora constitutes a true barrier of defence against harmful bacteria. Its equilibrium can be damaged by intestinal infections, alimentary disorders, changes in diet, the use of antibiotics. This imbalance manifests itself in the form of diarrhoea, abdominal pain, increase in the amount of air in the intestine.

Our novel probiotic delivery system contains an intelligent cap in which the probiotic is stored and sealed in an aluminum foil. The excipients necessary to dissolve and transport the probiotic with a flavor and taste into the human body is stored in the bottle. Please see images to the left to understand the use and administration of this novel probiotic delivery system.


Indication, Dosage & Administration


Adults:    1-3 bottles in 24 hours per day.
Children: 1-2 bottles in 24 hours per day.
Babies:       1 bottle  in 24 hours per day.

Take Bellybiotic at regular intervals during the day. Flavor and sweetening agent already included. One 10 mL bottle is equivalent to two therapeutic doses containing 4 Billion CFU of live Bacillus clausii.


Store at room temperature and refrigerate if necessary after opening.